Tuesday, December 25, 2007

merry xmas everyone

i am stuffed!

i've eaten a hearty xmas lunch, watched some old movies and the xmas Doctor Who and drank some fizz and now i'm ready for bed... but its only 8'o'clock! haha

the great thing about xmas without the ceremony is eating and drinking nice things with people you love around you... it is just another day after all, but it can be more if you want it to be! i can be a bit of a party pooper come christmas sometimes, don't like all the fuss and would rather just go on holiday and come back when everyone's calmed down, but this christmas i seem to have avoided all the puff and just enjoyed the moment... a few festive texts here and there and everybody's happy - even me! 

with a new job and a new city on the horizon i have good reason! it's all very exciting! 

ah, chocolate cake... yes please! hehe

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