Friday, December 21, 2007

a top 5 for the morning after

oh how i loathe hangovers... and they only get worser as you get older! boo!

and in this season of joy and christmas parties here is my top 5 ways to beat the morning after:

5 hugs. a hug often helps me when i've left my bed out of desperation for water/ the loo...

4 dioraylte. this tastes disgusting (and probably not spelled correctly) but works a treat. it re-hydrates your body and replaces missing minerals killed by vodka. fact.

3 a sesaoned drinker pal of mine said a glass of orange juice and a paracetemol is what you need. it will either make you feel better or make you throw up and then feel better. not for the weakhearted. and definitely not good with an impending train journey...

2 toast and tea. the soothing effects of carbs and caffeine (preferably followed by another lie down) are unlimited.

1 sleep! zeds, shuteye, snoozin' call it what you will, it is the ultimate killer of hangovers... wake up, feel bad? go back to sleep til the pain has gone! hehe

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