Wednesday, December 12, 2007

good news dot com

i am so fed up of the news!

is it just me? or is hearing about school shootings, the cost of living and the crazies on the street over breakfast just too much?!

i want to start a good news channel - and no religion thanks very much! how did they hijack the brand that is good news anyways? all religion ever seems to do is cause wars!

if i had the time and the resources i reckon good news in the morning would set everyone up for a better day, a better attitude to other human beans...

i had a random convo on the weekend with my man and his sis about how if you have a nervous scared attitude with people in the street, in the evryday they smell it like a dog, its part of how human beans have survived on this planet so long, they can sense unease, or danger... but we can also create unease which turns into danger if misinterpreted, basically we're all just misunderstood! haha

a guy who's blog i love to read had a situation of misunderstanding recently - you can read about it here - why would someone behave like that to another human being? road rage has occurred i think because of the false sense of territory cars have created for us.. its a natural instinct for a human bean to feel like king of his castle in his own space, and a car recreates this making people who invade this space intruders and to be defensive of... or something, anyways what i mean is people are very rarely that rude close up on the street, even on the high street on the busiest saturday before christmas! its because evolution gives us a survival instinct that says don't cause trouble, keep your head down and stay alive! haha but the car takes away the eye contact which makes people behave in such a rude manner... the man who spat in my friends face, he too had a physical seperation between him and his victim - what a tough guy! he obviously had other sht going on to behave in such a disgusting manner, maybe he had been genuinely ripped off in the past and was taking it on my friend... but it doesn't make it right!

people are funny lot, if you take a step back from most situations you can see a whole lot of confused going on! haha

and the thing with all this bad news making people distrust each other is, if i didn't hear it for a year -would my life be any different? do these wars abroad, crazies in other towns really effect my day to day? seems to me all it does is sell papers, who sell advertising, who want you to buy stuff...

so let's see if i can get good news going on cos i have had enough of the bad stuff!

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