Tuesday, December 18, 2007

award winning

i won an award! my very own oscar moment! hehe best radio ad in the whole group - 25 local radio stations and a national one and my ad is the bestest! whodathunkit?! i should put it on youtube so you hear it... note to self, be more technical in 08

i thanked my team and my producers then was ushered off stage to the sound of my ad playing out to a tough crowd! haha i got a hug from the big boss and me piccie taken grasping the bit of glass with me name on it...

i've never won an award at a ceremony before, I've had a certificate in the post, and had a double header win but the other person's name was on it (i'm not bitter... much! haha) so this is my first oscar moment! haha they didn't even wanna give me the mic to say anything but i insisted... gosh i was quite tipsy too...

since i leave the company on Friday it was a very nice leaving present!

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