Tuesday, February 05, 2008

bleary eyed and bushy tailed

blimey this morning shift takes it out of you... it's a good job i'm an upbeat lady!

this weekend we watched Groundhog Day actually on Groundhog Day! i can't deny i was a tad excited at the prospect of actually celbrating the day properly and even tho i failed to get it on a local cinema (maybe '09) i simply dusted off the video tape and we watched the crackly image from the comfort of our sofa!

what's not to love about this film? i hear the DVD has some cool extras so i'll be investigating that, but even though i've seen it more than a dozen times i can still enjoy it, even down to the cheesy 'romantic' sax music they put over the scenes where Phil (Bill Murray) tries to seduce the lovely Rita (Andie McDowell) over and over again... and repeat viewing capability is the sign of a truly great film!

we did notice tho that it had the worst poster and tagline ever:
"He's having the worst day of his life... over, and over..."
i can't offer a better idea of the top of my head but Murray's face in an alarm clock doesn't really say much does it?! i wonder what other films have suffered from poor poster design...

Groundhog Day does always make me what to visit Punxatawney tho, which i discovered is a real place only this year! whodathunkit?!

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