Tuesday, February 05, 2008

first chocolate bar of the year

sound the fanfare!

today i ate my first chocolate bar of 2008!
i did well to last this long without, but even tho i'm trying to be healthy i didn't plan on never having any bad stuff ever again! and i don't mean to mislead you, i did have banoffee pie on the weekend (which i mistakenly read the nutritional values of on the side of the packet before i ate it which i'm sure took away somewhat from the pleasure principle) but i'm trying to be good 90% of the time... which means avoiding the vending machine at work!

i'm proud to report that my choc of choice was a tres British treat, that is to say, a double decker... a fabulous piece of confectionary with a delicious fusion of chewy nougatine, crispy rice wrapped in cadbury's milk choc, lovely stuff...
later on i'll be grating a twirl finger into my pancakes, i reckon if you're gonna fall off the wagon do it in style! hehe

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