Wednesday, February 27, 2008

an apple a day

some bug is trying to get the best of me this week, and with a day off booked too, typical! but i will go to bed extra early tonight and tmro and fill my face with vitaminC in a bid to beat it before the weekend...

i'm planning to do some international globetrotting later this year which is very exciting, a bit daunting and likely to be a bit pricey, but it's something to look fwd to... or is it?

by allocating all my allowed days off weeks, nay months in advance, i find it a bit depressing that that's my lot as it were... oh to be self-employed! haha i'd seriously like 3 months off a year, and promise to be tres proactive in the 9 working ones... doesn't seem that bad a proposition, must make an appointment to chat to my boss... NOT! i'm sure he'd love that! haha

ofcourse the ever present problem would be if one only works 9 months, one only gets paid for 9 months - i'd better come up with a really great money making scheme if i'm ever going to make that work:life balance work out!

it's like the whole work 5 days get 2 off deal, who made that up? work 4 for 3 days off surely makes a happier camper?!

for more grumblings tune in next time.. haha

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