Tuesday, February 12, 2008


there's something very alluring about a sun spot that makes me just want to curl up and have a snooze in it!

i think because its February and the midst of winter they're far more alluring than they would be in say July, but i reckon cats on window sills have got the right idea!

yesterday i got home around 4.30pm after getting my frozen ipod updated at the mac store and couldn't resist a lie down with the sun on my face, not good when your afternoons are a no-nap zone! but the orange rays of a low winter sun proved to much to deny...

luckily i was only out for 15 minutes but it could have been a disaster with my hours!

staying awake in Brum is more difficult than you might think! because i work unusal hours at the opposite end of the day from my man's own unusual hours i seem to spend a lot of time by myself, and i can be quite broing company! haha if i don't have a crumble to bake or an errand to run sleep seems a lovely option! but alas if i'm kipping in the day i'd find it difficult to drop off at my designated bedtime of 8pm so i have to walk around the flat or do some stretches to stay awake some days!

time for a new hobby (now that i've got bored of last year's! haha i'm so fickle)

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