Friday, March 28, 2008

cesar superstar

Oh. My. God. The Dog Whisperer is the best TV show ever invented!

This gorgeous* guy tells dogs who's the boss and is on telly every day at the moment... I looked him up on the interweb and discovered there's already been 5 US seasons of this telly treat!

If you've not caught him before, he's on Sky Three (freeview) at 6pm weeknights and has a magic power over all dogs! ALL of them I tells you! he also has a strange power over me! hehe I can't get enough of watching him be 'calm and assertive' with dogs with behaviour issues only to turn to the owners and 'train' them to be a better pack leader - FABULOUS! haha

I've even tried using some of Cesar's 'sshh' and 'stance' techniques on the boyf and some certainly seem to cross over! Altho to be fair he certainly does calm and assertive tricks on me when i get over-excited about him not doing the washing up hehe...

we can't have a dog at the moment since our lifestyles don't allow it at the moment but I reckon its justa matter of time cos we're both big doggie fans, tho I'm not allowed a handbag doggie - no matter how cute they are! ruined! my friend R joined a dog-walking charity that gets volunteers to walk dogs for elderly or sick owners - maybe i should look into that for the time being, I'm desperate to become a great pack leader! haha

*he's only gorgeous since I've seen him do his magic with the pooches! haha

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