Friday, October 10, 2008


i had one of those lovely interactions yesterday, you know the kind that restores your faith in humanbeans just a little bit in the face of fat cats and their lost billions!

i was walking to the bus stop for the first time since i moved to my new house, so it was a bit of an adventure, and i was looking for a postbox on the way to send a birthday card...

i found a bus stop, but no postbox, so while no bus was in sight i had a mooch down a side road i knew had a little row of shops... couldn't see anything and besides had one eye on the main road for oncoming double deckers!

a girl walked towards me and i asked hey where's a postbox? she replied just round here and sure enough in the little side road i'd just peered down was a postbox obscured from my view originally by a white van parked up... i thanked her and said something jokily about i would probably miss my bus now walking the short distance to the post box and back to which, to my surprise she replied, 'oh is it coming?' no i told her, it would just be typical for it to arrive in my minimal absence... 'but i can post it for you if you like?' she offered, how nice is that?!

such instinctive niceness is not to be sniffed at!

now i don't know that she DID post it, perhaps she fancied her chances of any birthday money enclosed (none) but i reckon she was just a nice girl offering to help out a damsel in a bus bind! haha

it warms my heart just thinking of it - and you know i didn't even get stabbed* when i did get on the bus a short time later! haha

*if you read the papers in the UK right now you will believe that by merely standing within a foot of a teenager will get you punctured... oh the Daily Mail how do you sleep at night?!

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King of New York Hacks said...

she probably mailed it, although, I i did receive 5 euro in my mail today anonymously....coincidence??