Wednesday, October 22, 2008

let your fingers do the walking

today i was accidentally totally mesmorised by the 'other' channels available on our digital tv subscription... 

we, like any other tv viewers, have our favourite channels. we're interested in any channel that shows us stuff on monkeys or the tv show 'cheaters' featuring the oringinal and best presenter Tommy Grand... and we programme the recorder and while away many happy hours watching our favourite stuff!
but until today i hadn't realised the time that could be spent in the company of what can only be described as a Bangal Alan Partridge! Urdu soap operas where all the actresses are beautiful and 23 regardless of the age of the character... Religious evangelists of all creeds asking for my money and my soul... and i nearly called to by the Nicer Dicer! it looks real easy to use and no more crying when i chop them onions! haha, and don't get me started on the H2O Mop, that looks awesome! haha

it seems crazy that all of these channels can afford to exist so niche is their targeted audience and yet there they are complete with advertisers! 

and to think of all those tv stars i wasn't aware of yet - i'm gonna have to spend some quality time with those low budget soap operas, you just can't get that stuff over here any more hehe, it'll be like the good ol' days with Prisoner: Cell Block H...

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