Monday, October 27, 2008

pyjamas on the radiator

british summer time is gone and autumnal chill is upon us... which has led to jimjams on the radiator! 
have you done this recently - oh man it's soooo cosy! i feel really old admitting it, but hey i sleep alone so i need help keeping warm at bedtime!
autumn is certainly in my top four of English seasons, hehe, we get so many its hard to keep count! 
but the best thing about autumn clearing out the last of summer is the colours of the trees, wearing your favourite winter clothing - including my pink ear muffs no less! - and enjoying the warm comfort foods your mum used to make...
my favourite comfort food bar none is celery soup with macaroni, don't knock it til you've tried it (unless you don't like celery cos then you probly won't like it...), my mum would make it for me when i was a youngster and it makes me feel all warm inside - literally and emotionally!!
when i lived with a friend she would know i was in uber-comfort-mode if i'd busted out that particular dish...
tomorrow we have a frosty start predicted so i'm already wondering how many layers i will have to wear in my ice-box of a car - it takes about 10 minutes to warm up by which time i'm half way to work already! pa! 
i wonder where i put that mini hot water bottle, this could be very handy during the winter..
jeez listen to me i sound 80! haha

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G.S. said...

I use a heating pad and a cat.