Tuesday, October 21, 2008

advertising works

or so the media sales person will tell you!

but this latest story will hopefully warm the hearts of every atheist in London town...
One Richard Dawkins Esquire has put his name behind the atheist bus campiagn in London which hopes to cover a bunch of bendy buses with this light hearted yet unsual message and i'm almost tempted to part with a fiver!
it does seem very strange to me that so many people in the world are still convinced that there's a big man in the sky somehow the creator of his planet earth and the peoples therein... given the state of the planet its an experiment soon to come to an untimely end! and if He made us in his image he was a greedy selfish murdering s.o.a.b...
i don't like to be confrontational but i guess that's why the bus says 'probably', confrontational gets you into trouble... the world is a strange place that's for sure, and i'm all for meeting ET i'm just not sure he'll look like that guy in the Michael Angelo picture!

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