Wednesday, May 13, 2009

fake that!

last night i went to see Take That the Musical! haha and it was aces! what's not to love about a story of a Take That Tribute Band - they even had a rain effect on stage like the real boys do!

hoping to see the real boy band this summer at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry ... but not sure i can cope with all those female hormones again! i'll never forget looking back into a crowd of thousands of women-of-a-certain-age at the TT gig in Manchester when they first got back together - mind blowing... and terrifying!

what occurred to me while watching this genius show was how much i'd like to see Kylie -The Musical or Madonna - The Musical... infact how easily the idea lends itself to a musical artist... We've already had The Beatles, Queen and ABBA performed as stage productions of course but TheMonkees - The Musical anyone? And you could definitely have Elton John - The Musical!

i wonder if my life could make it as a musical - certainly working in radio gives you great scope for the soundtrack! haha

my theme tune would have to be something classic by Burt Bacharach (being a legend)... maybe over the weekend i'll make Jodester - The OST*

what would your theme tune be?!

*original sound track fact fans!

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