Thursday, May 28, 2009

probably just a coincidence... right?

coincidences happen of this we know.. but how to differentiate between coincidences and cases of synchronicity! that's the trouble!

a few days ago - perhaps even a week ago now i was thinking about my pal Gene from New York* and how since i hadn't heard from him in a while perhaps i should drop him an email next time i was online... but you know how the memory works over here, that's right, not very well at all!

i suspect far too much vodka has passed these lips...


that was that, i forgot to email my friend but somewhere in my subconscious my thoughts would be with my friend across the pond and eventually you know i woulda got around to emailing him - but then just like that ping! an email arrives from the man himself a few days later!

not only that but he tells me that a few days ago he was telling a passenger in his taxicab about the time he took me to Lenny's Pizza in Brooklyn for a slice just like JT in SNF!

now i don't know who sent those 'thinking of you' messages into the cosmos first but i tells ya this: this stuff happens all the time! are we turning into massive computers hardwired to respond to electro thought signals?! has this always happened but we just didn't have the quick fire correspondence like phones and email to make it noticable? i'm guessing there's not that sense of coincidence if i send someone a pigeon on the same day they're thinking of me and it arrives 2 weeks later! but you know what i mean right?

crazy business this human bean stuff... who knows what we're capable of... i mean we're probably part-alien you know... have you read Von Daniken?! hehe

*you can read his very charming and insightful blog here or look at his fabulous picture blog here

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