Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Top Of The Pops

i bought Top Of The Pops 1975 on impulse while browsing the other week, like you do!

i know it's not very sensible to be buying CDs when there's a recession on but i was intrigued to hear the hits my ma and pa will have been enjoying as i grew in my mummy's tummy!

Steve Harley's Come up and see me, make me smile was a great start, and Pilot's January is just awesome! a nice surprise was Kenny's Fancy Pants which i'd never heard of but turns out to be quite the glam rock hit - you can watch it here if you have a few minutes to spare!

i'm such a nostalgic girl, stuff like this really appeals to me but i don't reckon my mum will be impressed when i stick it on for our road trip next month! she prefers to listen to new stuff and wouldn't let me play The Beatles when i lived with her as a teen! how rude!
but then i've always been old before my time and she forever young, so go figure...

since i'm only in my motor for 20 minutes at a time i haven't got to the end of my newest longplayer yet - still to hear Minnie Riperton's Lovin' You - classic stuff! No wonder i was conceived! ew! TMI!! hehe

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