Monday, May 18, 2009

soul food

i believe there is something about the English countryside that is good for the soul...

as we drove into the Ribble Valley for a friends' wedding this weekend we couldn't believe our eyes! so lovely! green and hilly, lambs and rabbits all around (the latter almost under the car tyres but fortune struck!)...

it was clear early on that there would be no mobile phone signal for the duration of our stay but somehow it didn't matter... our stately room looked out onto the river and even the rainy moments didn't ruin the day!

even though we live in this green and pleasant land, a lot of the time you're surrounded by cars, noise, concrete and are simply too busy to take the time to take a walk in a nearby 'greenbelt' but more's the pity!

ours was a fleeting visit to a really idyllic setting but seemed to nourish my soul so much, there's definitely something in the trees!

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