Monday, May 18, 2009

it's life jim, but not as we know it

saw the new Star Trek movie last week... and i don't like to be melodramatic but Oh My God! it was so awesome!!! hehe

i'm the kind of gal who loved William Shatner as James T. Kirk, they were repeated to death as i grew up and frankly he and his girdle were hot! but when The Next Generation came along mi didn't follow - it all seemed so serious all of a sudden, and for the people who loved it's new found respect for space travel fair enough but for me the 60s show was the only one... i even saw all the movies (though i'm not very clear on what happened in any of them now i come to think back... but see them i did!)

i had a life size Kirk on my bedroom door for a couple of years and used Trek jargon such as Captain's Log when writing to a best friend from whom i was estranged via Basingstoke! in fact such was the surge of nostalgia i felt when i heard the new Kirk reporting his Captain's Log i immediately texted the same friend as soon as the movie was over! haha

Shatner's Kirk was so charismatic, i had little expectations of the new boy - but Chris Pine did good! he totally rocked the James T Kirk role, with some very Shat-esque moves whether intentional or not... Bones is a dead ringer for the original McCoy, the original Spock makes a great cameo as himself from the future and tickled i was that when in battle the bridge crew still threw themselves to the side like in the original TV show... and don't get me started on the Shat-Kirk foot-bob that made an appearance!

i haven't even got to our own Simon Pegg doing Scotty - just brilliant!

i guess with any action adventure film i just don't expect much anymore, so to have your socks rocked off like i did for this film was a surprise and a pleasure... i beamed as the original music got an airing and wondered how long i'd have to wait til the next one! i'll be going for another viewing that's for sure! best film i've seen all year! go see!

i must say also at this point my boyf is a Dr Who fan and even he really loved it! so that's high praise indeed - altho i know secretly he is well jealous that his fave sci-fi tv show hasn't been made into a big screen extravaganza - but never say never - i reckon it's more than likely at some stage...

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