Saturday, February 17, 2007

Lovability 30

I bought my man Dog Top Trumps for valentines.

This is because we think dogs are brilliant.

But i had no idea how addictive Dog Top Trumps would be!

When i arrived in Sheffield on Friday we went for dinner. i handed over said gift and nick suggested we bust them open for a game straight away! i'd say a hit gift!

So while we waited to order, waited for food, waited for dessert, we played top trumps! I would've liked to of seen the faces of the people on the table next to us as they overheard stats like: rarity 3, lovabilty 30, height 65.5 haha
the waiter was impressed tho.

i can recommend them to anyone who enjoys a) dogs and b) silly retro games that don't need any 'special effects' haha

talking of which, when we got home nick treated me to a few hours playing The Biz - a mad spectrum game invented by Chris Sievey aka Frank Sidebottom, now available online. you try and make it to the top in the music industry but only with words - no pictures or graphics - nothing fancy!

you have to name your band, choose your musical direction, hire and fire your manager, get gigs, ect - its wicked!

ah, the internet. home of the obscure and the loved.

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