Sunday, April 01, 2007

i know what you're thinking...

first you hear i've got blog block then it all goes quiet for a week!

but let me assure you reader i have been battling a very dirty cold bug and you don't even wanna hear about the stuff that's been coming out of my nose! haha

at first i thought it was just a hangover from my man's very drunken birthday party last saturday, but by monday i couldn't breathe through my nose and i knew something was up.

a week later and i'm still feeling a bit germriddled but you'll be glad to hear i'm definitely on the mend - and with a lovely 3-day week ahead i'm not too worried about work this week, i'm going to Spain for the easter weekend, so maybe a bit of vitamin D will see this bug off once and for all!

i seem to have had a bad year for picking up bugs - my boyfriend thinks its stress which i suppose is possible but there's nothing you can do about it is there? and whats really annoying is people start mentioning it, oh you've had a bad year haven't you? like i've been ill every week since january 1st?! they're not even being sympathetic! they're just pointing out how weak you are! haha

illness is weakness mark*

a couple of guys in the office have now decided i'm ill because i'm a vegetarian. how convenient. every one else in the office has been ill this year but with me its cos i don't graze on cattle! rudeness! and i wouldn't mind but one of the accusers was ill himself really recently and he's a frickn carnivore - seriously, meat only! haha

as a result of my illness i've not been feeling very inspired to write but hopefully i'll feel the urge more this week coming...

*peep show reference - looking forward to series 4 on screen soon!

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