Wednesday, August 01, 2007

you gotta love 'em

those crazy romans, you know what they did to the rest of the calendar to make Emperor Augustus a happy man?! haha

August made a real impact on almost every other month - just cos they didn't want to be seen giving Augustus an inferior month next to Julius' July haha -men and theie egos have shaped this world for too long! give february back its days man! haha

i'm such a geek - i got really excited and sent this weblink round to a few people all of whom were pretty bemused by it! haha i reckon my fascination with romans and castles mark out how much of a nerd i am! haha when i was a kid i used to play some medieval game on my uncle Dave's computer (in the 80's - think basic graphics) and you had to rescue damsels in distress and become lord of wessex by having sword fights haha - it was ace and when you won the region you'd enter the castle and find the hot princess - kinky! i wish i knew the name of it but i was hooked - it was my first ever computer game and none have won my heart as much since (tho duck hunt was great too in the ealry 90s - and thats coming from a vegewarian!)

and have you ever seen I Claudius? the BBC mega-production from the 70s starring Derek Jacobi? me and my man watched it last year - oh my gosh - its so addictive and it takes forver to watch the 12 hour long episodes - but its well worth it my friends - put some time aside for that classic! check out them togas!

talking of togas - did you know jesus was 33 when he 'went upstairs'? so when i'm 33 next summer i'm having a toga/ life of brian party to celebrate - forget glasto baby! get ready for jodstock! haha

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