Tuesday, August 14, 2007

the biggest arts festival in the whole world!

wowsas i'm knackered!

7 days in Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival takes it out of a girl!

i have some snaps but i need to download them... i will tho cos there's a great geezer with a digireedoo that you have to see! actually on Saturday i watched Norman Lovett's Slide Show and it's inspired me to keep taking my silly pics that I do on my mobile phone...

i want to do a mega list of all the things i saw but my brain is too muddled to remember them all so i'll just tell you what the best bits were for now and maybe do a footnote another time with the definitive list (just so you can see that my being knackered is totally legitimate!) ***

the king of the fest was our fave Phil Nichol and his new show Hiro Worship. frickn aces. all about meeting a guy at a gig and the adventure that ensues. with lots of music thru-out to add to the tale. the man has so much energy and passion you can't help but feel infected by it. he is easily one of the best comedians working in the UK.

we also saw our fave Simon Munnery's AGM. but while we enjoyed it and were familiar enough with his work to keep track of his mumblings and thrown away punchlines, he was not on the ball; he was also in a play (i don't know how long for i'm assuming its not for the whole run of the fest) so he hadn't rehearsed his own show... i felt a bit cheated but it was nice to hang out with him and another few die-hards drinking wine and having a chat in arthur smith's art gallery (which is also ace).

top finds were shabbi - a really funny pregnant london comedienne, tom stade is blinding, we only enjoyed him as compere but well be looking out for him... dan o'doherty and his text song is pure genius and we were glad to see craig campbell again after seeing him at glasto this summer, he's phil nichol's housemate and funny as! josie long's show was quality and ivan brakenbury was really funny too...

god i feel tired just thinking about it all again!

i am currently enduring comedy cold turkey - not that there aren't great nights in manchester it's just i spent all my money and some of the banks too on my trip and man i'm never going out again (til payday!) haha

if only i had a skyplus digital recorder type of thing in my head so i could replay all that saw and enjoy it again but in the comfort of my bed! haha

come on science - pull your finger out!


*** The List: Uncut!

Andrew Maxwell - great show/ Wil Hodgson - another great gig/ The Improverts - fab line up/ the christian, the jew, the muslim and the geordie - good stuff especially Joe and Prince Abdi/ get up stand up featuring Nick Doody and Marcus Brigstocke - free chips! haha/ Robin Ince - distracted/ So You Think You're Funny Heat compere Gordon Southern - top geezer!/ Ivan Brackenbury - fabalous!/ Josie Long - geniearse!/ Jerry Sadowitz - mental!/ Nick Cowen & Nick Pettigrew/ Simon Munnery/ Phil Nichol/ Best in Stand UP 99 Club featuring Shappi (fantastic) , Rick, Tiernan (great stuff), Christian and Jason/ If Not Comedians Rob Alderson, Nick Hodder, Tom Greeves/ Apes Like Me with some chick called Kate/ Martin White - he rocks/ Best of Fringe featuring Dizzy High, Andy Watson, Pam Ford, Robin Cousins and Nick Pettigrew/ the Late Show at the Stand featuring Tom Stade (outsanding), Sarah Kendall (brilliant), Tom (?) Wrigglesworth, Dan O'Doherty(aces) and Reginald D Hunter/ Norman Lovetts Slide Show - amazing/ Roland Gent - free beer!/ Late n Live featuring Al Pitcher, Hana Breen, Craig Campbell (gem) and John Bishop... ooh I was drunk that night...

blimey i'm just tried out reading about it all! haha

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