Tuesday, August 21, 2007

everyone else is doing it

oh blimey - i'm in the midst of a baby fever!

if it's not baby talk in the office, it's baby talk on the phone to one of my friends with or without babbies of their own! it must be something in the air... but this lady's not for turning!

seriously, i just want a dog! haha

i want to go on holiday next year and babies just hold you back! at least you can put your beloved puppy in kennels for a fortnight! haha maybe there's the gap in the market - baby kennels for the wayward parent! would they come back?! haha

obviously it'd be terribly impractical for me to have a sprog in my life right now hence lack of the necessary nurturing hormones but i worry every day my biological clock will turn against me and send me into an irrational baby-wanting-maniac! haha

luckily my mum is of the opinion, that as a career girl, she's not expecting any grandkids anytime soon but my alomst-sister Lou has just had a little boy and i reckon its only a matter of time before the pressure goes up a notch! my aunty Linda even asked me when i was getting married last weekend! how can people still get married when the divorce rate is so clearly telling us something about western civilisation?! haha

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