Thursday, August 23, 2007

going solo

i went to the cinema myself on tuesday night.

i had asked all my friends if they wanted to see the movie i wanted to see and they'd either seen it or weren't interested. so i had no choice. and since the film in question was big on action i didn't want to just wait til it came out on DVD, so i had to just do it! it's just not the same on the small screen!

but it's weird. not only do you have to ask for one ticket at the box office and feel the sympathetic looks from the plebby student burn into your pride, you then have to buy popcorn* for one, sit near people in big groups and grip your own hand in the thrilling bits! haha
not to mention not having someone to talk about it with afterwards. nope, for me the cinema is best in company, but such is my love for the Harry Potter franchise i had to go it alone haha - i've waited weeks to see it!

when i arrived on time i'd made my first mistake - 40 minutes of ads? jeez! i know its a kids movie but do we have to brainwash them to exhaustion?! haha then the ticket lady had obviously expected a bigger crowd cos she sat me next to a family of three instead of any of the empty seats in the same row, i chose to ingore my seat number in this instance but then had to sit next to a couple of late comers instead... there's something about being in a darkened room sat next to a complete stranger with nobody on 'your side' as it were that is a little bit disturbing!

the film was fantastic - as they always are - i just gotta get me some nieces & nephew action so i can go in a posse to the next one! must call my bro about that... hehe

but it got me to thinking about all the other things people don't do by themselves - despite being a population more and more full of singletons - like going to the pub, going for a meal, all the sociable things infact - its like we've cursed single people to a life indoors - no wonder the internets' so popular! haha

i spose you just gotta remember that most of the time people are thinking about themselves, so the chances of them noticing little old you is small anyway... so next time i want to see a movie and no friend wants to come i'll try and be a bit braver, sooner!

*don't even get me started on the daylight robbery that is cinema refreshments in this country! £1.70 for a bottle of water - they should be shot these people! i saw a little girl go up once and ask for water only to be told she didn't have enough money but she could have some sugar-filled juice instead!!! outrageous! what is the world coming to?!!!

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