Tuesday, August 28, 2007

flip flops forever

went to a wedding this weekend in lovely sunny cheshire... the happy couple looked radiant and it was just overall a very warm and fuzzy say... except for the pain inflicted on myself by myself in the way of wardrobe! haha
i decided on very chic satc style bustier top with skirt and my face round toe black with wooden heel heels... but ofcourse i'm a trainers and flip flops kinda girl normally and i genuinely do forget how painful it is to be in a pair of heels for more than a couple of hours (such is the female brain programmed haha) but added to my ankle misery was the bustier that dug into my ribs every time i sat down (which was a lot given church ceremony/sit down meal etc etc! haha)

so now i have a really painful left knee and a red mark on my ribs where the 'bones' of my top attacked me, its a good job i was sozzled or it might have stopped me having a jolly good time! haha

i also failed to look as chic as i'd planned by having not one but two handbags - oh the shame of it - i don't know what i was thinking! actually i do know - i was hoping to stash one somewhere for later but since we were over 3 venues during the day (hotel/church/reception) i had to lug it around with me - but i'll tell you what nobody noticed but me and i got to kick off them dam heels about 9.30pm and dance the night away in my brand new purple sparkly flipflops! haha
footloose stands out as a particular favourite from saturday night!

but why is everything that i love in this life so very bad for you?
pretty heels are so lovely and make you taller!!!

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