Tuesday, August 14, 2007

an unanswered phone

i read somewhere once that an unanswered phone is one of the most stressful sounds of the modern life... that most people find it mega-irritable... including me actually!

in our office (which remember i've had a week off from so i'm being slightly over-sensitive i know) the news room phone rings off the hook behind me because they only have one member of staff on at one time and mostly they're busy so it just rings and rings - and it's never important - just news agencies trying to flog stories - telesales but for news teams! but they don't think after 7 rings - oh there's no-one there i'll try again later - no no, these people are on commission...

they let it ring and ring..

and ring and ring..

and ring and ring..

and ring and ring!!!!


my mind!!

then when i'm a cracking point and i have to get up and answer it for them they ring off - oh perfect. getting back in to the groove of office life is difficult man - i think i need to become a baker or something more chilled out, this just ain't a natural environment!

too much noise, too much deskache, too much brain burn!

i better get writing that hit novel i got in me so i can retire,
i'm turning into the grumpiest girl i know! haha

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