Thursday, September 13, 2007

animal instincts

i love it when i catch myself acting or reacting to my most basic of instincts...

for example last night and fresh bedding made me feel all content and relaxed - like a bird in a new nest of twiglets haha and it occurred to me that it was quite strange to feel as such just cos of some fresh sheets...

i genuinely feel that when you feel modern life is rubbish just thinking about back-to-basics stuff like how healthy i am, how lucky i am to live in this country, with education and clean water the norm not a luxury, with a cinema outside my house and facebook to poke my friends thru the week! hehe

sure i don't have it all (do i even know what it all is?!) but really life could be a whole lot worse and is for many many people...

at a meeting today i joked with a client about how weird it would be if humans mated liek the nature world - like just once a year in a specific month etc, so you'd look in your diary and say 'nope, mating in March, how about June for a holiday Norma?!' hehe

i'm migrating south in November me! (i wish! haha)

i think we could learn a lot from the animal world if we stopped being the big-i-am of the planet for 5 minutes.. haha, grooming amongst chimps etc is rocknroll, whats not to like?! tho the gang bumming of lower rank chimps is a bit much... they can keep that one hey?! hehe

i'm off to read the rest of that man-watching book by desmond morris my man lent me a year ago! haha

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