Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Withnail & I

Last night i went to see the classic british film Withnail & I, on at the cinema as part of the British Summer fo Film season... Having only discovered this movie in the 90s when it was already almost 10 years old the chance to see it on the big screen made me whoop with delight... (and whoop i did reader! hehe)

not only is a cult classic but its a very good movie! haha (you know how sometimes
that isn't the case) so it was a pleasure to watch having not seen it for a few years and the big screen dimensions highlighting the background like never before - example - a whisper went down my row of buddies that in Uncle Monty's flat there were cauliflowers instead of flowers in all the vases (what is the plural of vase?!) and some of the cinematography was gorgeous and you simply wouldn't notice on the tv...
as Withnail & I is about a couple of drunken thespians it was only just that i take in a bottle of red and some paper cups - as i'd gathered 9 close friends for the showing it didn't go far but that's not the point! the very idea that i was sipping some of the red stuff while watching Richard E Grant in his splendour is simply fabulous! And for my friend Belle who had never seen the film before - advising her that said drunken thesp played by a teetotal Grant (due to an allergy to alcohol not some former addiction mind!) made it all the more impressive a performance!
Actually Grant wrote a very good book based on his diaries at the time of filming called With Nails that i recommend to any film fans...
As you can tell i'm still very much in the flush of excitment from my evening of film nostalgia and vino! haha I only hope they show Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange next... now that would be a night out! Bowler hats a-gogo!

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