Monday, September 24, 2007

a sense of sound

over the last two saturdays i took an introduction to singing course in Liverpool organised by a group called Sense of Sound...

we learned about the vocal chords and how we make sound, learned some vocal warm ups, scales and suchlike (the lip-trill is particularly amusing!) and sang in harmony with a bunch of people we'd never met before, which is quite a thrill actually!

the reason i took the course was to improve my confidence in my own sound... to learn some technique to make my voice stronger... all of which i think i achieved, hurrah! but it was an interesting crowd... some youngsters, some oldies, some inbetweenies like me... some people who didn't turn up to part2! i wonder what happened to them! i asked my mum if she'd like to do the course too and so she did, but i think she enjoyed it less because of the early saturday morning start, and don't get me wrong, saturday morning is something i don't normally see myself but i guess when you get to a certain age its a chore to get up and sing on a saturday! haha*

i recorded some of the songs we sang and wow we sound pretty impressive for a bunch of beginners! i guess the course is what you make it! and we were up for it! hehe

its amazing to think about how much work your voice does and this course certainly made me appreciate those little flaps of skin a whole lot more!

so watch out world - me and my vocal chords are a-coming! hehe

*you asked for it ma!

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