Monday, September 24, 2007

you either dig QT or you don't

went to see the Tarantino film this weekend with my man.

originally part of a double-bill with Planet Terror directed by pal Robert Rodriquez, Death Proof is a homage to C Movies of old.. but because the american cinema goers couldn't hack the double bill over in Blighty we don't even get a chance to see the fake trailers featuring Nic Cage as FuManchu hehe, ruined! roll on the DVD!

i am a big fan of QT but as time rolls on it seems he's like marmite - you either dig him or you don't! my man seems genuinely irritated by his style, yet is a fan of Pulp Fiction... he complained fo the new film "it's just a series of sketches; you probably like it cos it's like a load of ads all spliced together"

talk about rude! haha what was Pulp Fiction if not a series of sketches? maybe my man has merely 'out-grown' Tarantino while I'm still in the love-haze...

what was great about the lastest addition to the QT anthology was waht is great about all his films... the dialogue... the music... the casting... what was Pulp Fiction if not a beautiful dialogue; cast and soundtrack?! the casting of Death Proof is even better with the C-Movie-acceptable 'normal people' casting... sure there are a few beautiful girls, there are in life, but i loved the 'ordinariness' attempted by QT with his girls in this movie... only chicks will notice and they'll love him more for it... so thanks Quentin for being the kind of director who put normal people in the movies!

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