Monday, September 10, 2007

the black stuff

top of the morning to you - or should i say "szczyt od ten rano dla ciebie"hehe, the polish invasion continues!

was in dublin friday thru sunday, i drank lots of the black stuff - with and without tia maria and did the bus tour! hurrah! the thing about work holidays tho is they're an oxymoron! if you're with work you're not on holiday are you?! and as much as i like some of my colleagues very much it still felt like a work trip not a jodester trip!

i made the mistake of going into a guinness gift shop... i'm such a sucker for it! i now have a new guinness teeshirt and bought guinness pants for me and a pair for my mum! haha

met hardly any irish people while there which i have to say was a little odd... i've only been to ireland a few times and i don't recall it being that 'foreign' elsewhere... must just be the capital, tho the poles where in Kinsale ehwn i went earlier this summer... such is life... people get very het up about migration when its one of the most natural human instincts... and we certainly don't see the headlines complaining about the english hopping off to sunnier climes - it would be funny if they did tho - WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE? 1000s of Brits flee rainy island! hehe

i had hoped to get out the city for a daytrip to the less commercialised Dublin 'burbs but like i said earlier this was a work trip not a jodester trip so in the city i stayed! it was intresteing tho cos a band i love called The Thrills are from Dublin and i had a song called 'so much for the city' running thru my head all weekend... and the lady on our 2nd bus tour* was a dry wit - when we passed by the old goal she said they'll charge you to get in and they'll charge you to get out again.. hehe she was a hoot!

we went to a jazz & blues bar saturday night called Bleu Note and saw some great live music, the guy shaun jones was very talented and we bought his cd but sadly it didn't sound as good as on the night, and i asked the jazz lady downstairs whether she knew any Francoise Hardy and she looked at me blankly - shame on her! Hardy's a legend!

i did a bit of local history on saturday when we trooped to a restored Georgian terraced house museum complete with original decor and furniture - really cool tour guide called Micheal who really knew his stuff! On the way we passed by Oscar Wilde's childhood home and statue - amazing! i LOVE Oscar Wilde! That was pretty cool... what a legend!

blimey i'm tired out thinking about it all... Oh and if you do get a chance to visit make sure you go hug the biggest lapdancing pole in europe**! hehe its great for hangovers!

*one ticket two routes 24hr ticket baby yeah!
**a taxi driver said that was what the Millenium Spire was - hehe - them cheeky irish fellas!

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