Wednesday, March 05, 2008

don't cry over spilled yakult

there's a strange noise coming from the walls in our apartment... and frankly its freaking me out! haha

i am not a subscriber to the supernatural so i'm more than happy to have it explained away by some kind of technological reasoning... you know its the lift mechanics, or perhaps the neighbours have a fish tank next door with an eletric motor making that ungodly whining noise but until i know for certain what it is it just sounds too darn creepy!

together with the graffiti strewn walls of the stairwell its making our home not so happy to come back to! and while teenagers will be teenagers, can't they go the library or something constructive instead? haha they can't even spell properly and i have so far resisted making corrections to their scrawlings! haha...

but back to the disturbing noise... it sounds very much like an unhappy animal, but its quite regular which makes me think it can't be, but i have to have the TV or the radio switched on all the time or it freaks me out, what could it be this strange whining thing...

i'm not happy!

2 comments: said...

Maybe it's a rift in the spacetime continuum?

Anonymous said...

Had you considered the possibility that maybe the previous owners/tenants were the mafia?

This could possibly be a bound and gagged individual who did not provide the Godfather a substantial enough 'kick-up'!

...or - it might just be faulty plumbing!

Have fun :D