Tuesday, January 29, 2008

mobile screening

i was chatting to a friend last night about this, you know those people in your mobile phone who you can't delete cos you don't like them anymore and you don't want to speak to them inadvertently? haha

come on, we've all got them haven't we? people who you haven't had a big barney with but have just 'tired of' and no longer wish to speak to... ex boyfriends, old friends, ex colleagues, life's too short to spend it chatting to people you have nothing in common with anymore!

oh my gosh, i sound so callous now i come to write about it, but i don't believe there's anyone out there who hasn't done it! and with mobile phones it's impossible to remember the undesirable's number, so you have to keep them in the memory for rejection purposes only! haha

the thing, is its the easiest way isn't it, why tell someone 'hey, i don't wanna speak to you no more actually, see ya' when you can just slip away hopefully unnoticed! haha its the British way! a very polite dumping...

Oscar Wilde says a true friend stabs you in the front... well i ain't talking about those people, i'm talking about people you know, had a reason to talk to at one time and now you'd rather move on without them! haha

but what i find annoying is that i have to keep their number stored otherwise i'd get a text out of the blue (only these kind of annoying people do things like this) saying 'hey! how's thing?' and reply non-the-wiser, 'hey! great, who's that?' and suddenly the lines of communication are open again which is simply tiresome!

i no doubt have been a victim of this polite dumping myself - and so it should be that way! i'd hate it for someone to say "lurve, i'm just not that into you anymore" haha, ofcourse we'll all be scr*wed when video phones become the norm, and they can see you hitting 'reject' hehe

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www.20six.co.uk/lloydd said...

I've got someone on my phone called "dreadful" to warn me if they ever call.