Monday, January 12, 2009

old friends

ah there's nothing like a beer or three with an old friend to fire the coals!
on Saturday i went to London town and hooked up with a pal i've not seen since about 2001!
what kind of a friend do i not see for 7 years?! well the kind who moves about like i do, then works shifts, then finally we find a date/time/place convenient! haha

i was a little worried that i wouldn't recognise him its been so long but of course you recognise people you know! its just the old grey matter was having trouble aging him, that is to say you expect people to look different - but generally they look the same! just older, fatter, thinner, balder etc... well he looked pretty much the same - just older! - and we had a right good catch up while drinking in the pub with my boyf and another friend...

time came to leave for our appointed radio comedy show recording and we all felt forlorn at having to leave the warm confines of the pub! we almost sacked off the recording but felt it a shame to miss out after travelling all the way down to the capital - in part to watch this thing...

i said goodbye to my friend and both promised not to leave it another 7 years! haha

5 minutes laters we're at broadcasting house only to be told it had been cancelled! ruddy ruined!

so we fell into another pub where we met some people amongst whom a man who loved the Ikester as much as my boyf lurked and more happy beers and honey roasted peanuts flowed! haha

it's a long way to go to the pub is London but you know what it was big fun, i hooked up with an old friend and we had spicy cheese on toast when we got home!

good times!

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