Thursday, January 01, 2009

a fall from favour

the other day i read an opinion piece on high heels...
the height of feminism or demeaning objects of torture?
oh my...

i used to believe that the pain inflicted by high heels was well worth it. i even had a poster advertising a pain killer to illustrate this belief, a belief clearly held by more than just me!
i love how high heels make me taller, make my legs slimmer and generally how pretty they are...

now that i have been a heel wearer for around 16 years i have a slightly different attitude towards them... i know that they are bad for my feet, i know that because i can't walk properly in them i am more likely to fall over and hurt myself (especially after a couple of cocktails!), i know that if i wear them for an evening out i won't enjoy myself as much because my feet will hurt after about an hour, i know that i won't be able to trot between venues as easily as my man, i also know that he will get annoyed that i'm wearing shoes i can't walk in - something he simply doesn't understand! haha

i still love the pretty things but i am a lot more weary of my high heel collection... i guess they're kind of a status symbol, and i simply don't have the lifestyle that high heels demand! haha door-to-door taxis, cocktail bars with seating all of the time, basically no time on your feet! haha

i'm not about to give up my high heels - there is something so feminine about them - but i certainly can't ignore the health risks! bunions, my friend, do not a sexy lady make! haha

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