Thursday, January 15, 2009

being nice is good for you

now this won't be a suprise to many of you i know, but this week something happened to me that reaffirmed my faith in humanity... well for 5 minutes, which with my attention span is a-mazing!


i was in the supermarket (the posh one!) when an old lady asked me to reach for something from the top shelf... now we all know i'm not the tallest of people and have had similar trouble myself in a supermarket only recently! but i coulc actually reach the thing she wanted and she was about half my height bless her... anyway i reached for the gift bag only to realise it was missing a ribbon tie - so i swapped it over and she thanked me and we both went on our way!

what was funny is i saw her size me up before she asked me - like i said i ain't that tall! but she made the comparison between me and the item she needed and figured i could just manage it hehe

it made me feel so happy to help her out, happy that i'd seemed nice enough to ask - belive me i waited quite a few people in the supermarket when i needed to ask for a helping hand! you can't just ask anyone for help, they might be a nutter! haha

so clearly i don't look nuts, but i also think this was a brilliant example of human communication and co-operation without which we would have any of the technological or scientific or educational advances our species has made over the last 1000 years! and that is amazing and uplifting and not to be sniffed at!

yes there are greedy, angry, disturbed human beans out there but hopefully they are in the minority because surely Darwinism is on the side of nice? well let's not ruin my day thinking about that too much...

just know this: nice is good!

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