Tuesday, January 06, 2009

it's not me it's you

i've fallen out of love with lovefilm.com

you may recall the day i discovered this wonderous home dvd rental service and how enthralled i was to find marvellous movies on my doormat every week for a very reasonable price.
but my time to watch movies has somehow dwindled over the past year or so, and their lack of customer service* when they've sent you a cruddy/ random disc drives me insane - especially as you can only contact them via email so far as i can see...
i wanted to watch classic movie The Third Man and while i was enjoying it the other week it jammed half way thru - and let me tell you, not being able to see the end of a film until they send you another copy is pretty frustrating! well it got better! because they sent me another cruddy copy that stuck in exactly the same place! now i know it ain't my dvd player cos i been playing other stuff no problemo compadre! and i have an inkling lovefilm just wiped the first copy on their collective jeans and sent it back into distribution! argh!
so not only have i not seen the end of The Third Man, they've now added it to my watched list! brilliant, they asked me to review it so i explained how i hadn't seen the end thanks to their wonderful service...
and because your account is managed by how many discs are dispatched in a month this kind of malarky completely stuffs up your credits and it can a bit confusing over email to sort out...

all of which, as you can imagine, makes me want to cancel my subscription completely!

but i kinda wanna see all those films i added to my rental list. whenever i read an article with a celebrity who name drops a random film they've liked/ been in, i add it. so my list is pretty diverse but i'm beginning to think it ain't worth the trouble and the library will have most the old classics i want to see anyway for the same money... and i love libraries! hehe

so i just made a copy of my 'wants to watch' list just incase i decide enough is enough with these lovefilm people... but it's the end of a beautiful relationship! it's a shame they took me for granted and made me break up with them!

*pet hate-a-gogo!


Rachel Collins said...

I'm Rachel, the UK Customer Service Manager at LOVEFiLM and I've come across your blog. I'm really sorry to hear of your experience with "The Third Man". If you want to give our call centre a ring they will be able to sort this out for you - the number is 0844 482 0123.

jodester said...

who'da thunk it! do you think Rachel Collins is a real person or one of those made up corporate characters the company thinks the customers can identify with! haha cynical? moi? i will call her back and tell you if she's real or a computer generated perona! haha

jodester said...

i called and according to 'Laura' Rachel is indeed a real person! They said they're sending me another copy of the Third Man so I can finally see the end of the movie and they won't be charging me for it... very well they should too! still not convinced our future together is bright but i'm a little bit impressed that Rachel took the time to write to me : )