Wednesday, January 21, 2009

something for the weekend

you know its been a bad week when you are planning the weekend cocktails on a wednesday!

i watched the big lebowski last weekend and it gave me a hankering for a white russian or two, hehe

it's just that time of January when you need to blow off a bit of steam and cocktails with some buddies seems like just the ticket... even though i'm still trying to lose my festive four pounds! haha and they're a lot more difficult to shift than they were to put on! godammit!

after all the festive chocs its been a little hard getting off the hardcore sugar again but i know i gotta break thru to the other side for the good of my insides! haha its such an inbuilt treat in my brain tho - it feels hardwired but i need an upgrade! haha

jeez i better sign off that was one analogy too many!

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