Sunday, January 31, 2010

eyes wide open

sometimes it feels like your eyes are more wide open than ever before... you take more of your natural environment in somehow... u know?

in Manchester this weekend i happened upon this gallery as i strolled around in the winter sunshine*... inside was what i guess you would call urban art, graffiti style painting prints of pop culture subjects, easy on the eye stuff... if you're in the Northern Qtr with nothing to do for a half hour pop in to the Richard Goodall Gallery on Thomas St!

but this new hyper awareness is a little disconcerting too... i think i must spend too much time rushing around from place to place, missing all the little things! well i'm gonna make a real effort to keep my eyes wide open from now on... and perhaps some more of the things i notice will end up on here and my picture blog!

*seriously, you can't know how surprising sunshine in Manchester is...

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Anonymous said...

great gallery see more on their website there is also another location around the corner that does fine art