Monday, January 18, 2010

sweet anticipation

the weekend after next i'm off for a girlie weekend and to say i'm enjoying the anticipation is an understatement!

which makes me think about the strange pleasure of anticipation... half the time this is more enjoyable than whatever it is you've been looking fwd to! and it also makes me think i should book more stuff in my diary! lol holidays, nights out, seeing friends, getting that new cd? they're all stuff that you enjoy before they've happened!

when we're kids anticipation is almost too strong an emotion to contain... too much to bear! i can remember the yearning for Christmas/ birthdays etc as a kid, it's so intense it's amazing they don't burst! what a strange thing the mind is...

what function does it play for a human bean? is there an evolutionary point to looking forward to something? why don't we live in the moment? or is the anticipation merely a cultural invention, something we've learned? it's an interesting question... i may* have to wiki it! lol and if you have a thought on it do drop me a comment!

meanwhile i hope you enjoy the anticipation of my next post... haha

*as you can see i couldn't resist - altho it wasn't that enlightening...

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