Saturday, January 09, 2010

no business like snow business

if you hadn't noticed, the UK is experiencing quite an unusual amount of snow this winter... hehe and it's been front page news for weeks! i mean come on journos - talk about giving the politicians and bankers a holiday from the press!

the picture above is the snow angel i made outside my office last week - its my first one and you can see a short video of me making it here - i made it last wednesday and it was still there friday as we'd had no more snowfall... wonder if it will survive the weekend!

it's a shame snow makes the roads so dangerous because it's quite picturesque and fun to make snow people, have snowball fights, go sledging, etc

the latest scare story was that the snow is stopping the supermarkets getting deliveries and people are panic buying food... a supermarket manager's wet dream then? lol

i haven't panic bought anything as yet, tho i am running low on milk... hope they still have some tomorrow haha

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