Saturday, January 30, 2010

simple pleasures

the moon is on fine form this weekend! what a fabulous free treat for the plane earth it is!

i am a little fragile after a weekend in Manchester and have indulged in some of my fave crisps bacon fries this arvo, altho i feel a bit sick now, they are soooo tasty!

earlier today, to recover from aforementioned partying, i went for a soak and catch up in the bubbles with my lovely pal Juliet... always good for the soul those sessions... plus we were given a sharp reality check by a girl who is my thinspiration down the gym, she told us she has to have open heart surgery in 4 days and she's scared! omg.. she is so lucky they caught the heart murmur when she went in for a breathing related issue... turns out she had a scar from birth on one of her pipes that grew with age and could have killed her at anytime if it had gone undiagnosed! makes you think about how fragile life really is...

and makes you really appreciate the simple pleasures!

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