Monday, January 25, 2010

little blue people

was supposed to go and see Avatar today... it's been out for a month i reckon and i still haven't found 3 hours to spare for 3D and popcorn...

we had to postpone again cos the man had trouble dropping off last night and couldn't get outta bed for the preferred performance time but i'm feeling unsure as to whether it can possibly live up to the hype... i guess i need to expect very little from the blue movie and then it will be an enjoyable experience!

you can tell it's awards season too - great films come and go week by week but with only a week of shows - that i am not organised enough to catch! i've missed so many great films at the flicks this year and it's not even February yet! lol

one film i will be seeing at the cinema for the first time soon tho is Breakfast at Tiffany's... i have booked a couple of tickets for a Valentine's screening of my favourite film of all time! it will be so great to see it on the big screen, that fabulous Mancini soundtrack... just darling! I'll have to put on my best little black dress in honour of the big A...

i digress... if you recommend the blue movie let me know before i commit my bum to 3 hours of cinema seating!

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