Saturday, December 25, 2010

The 12 Blogs of Xmas

I shall attempt to blog for 12 days on the trot to make up for my appalling neglect this last month!

It's Xmas Morn... I am waiting for my fella to come home from his overnight shift... the boiler is bust so there is no heat or hot water and it's a tropical -7 according to my iphone, i assure you that i can feel it in my fingers, toes.. and nose! Lol... i bought an electric heater (gawd help me when the leccy bill comes in) and the landlord brought over another couple and my friend K brought another over... so almost one for every room but no heating engineer visiting until the 29th ! that's a very cool yule people! quick put the oven on! haha

Today on the menu just a few of my favourite things: Popcorn, fruit toast, pizza, chocs, cake, cheese! And to drink? How about some Irish Cream and cocktails?! Wow I am gonna need that Boxing Day walk and then some! Lol

I will watch me something festive on the box, play some scrabble maybe, listen to my ever-growing collection of xmas albums* and try to remember to move around frequently so the blood keeps running...

I really don't give a hooping funt for Christmas, I always offer to work it cos if someone who really loved it had to work instead that would be silly... but time off and seeing family and friends is awesome and ANY excuse for a party baby and I'm there! Lol So I try not to be too humbug about it, plus i get to eat Christmas Pudding!

So may I bid you all a merry winter solstice/ xmas, may you hug and be hugged by someone you love today!

*Elvis/ Spector/ Jazz/ Tijuana/ Isaak/ Tunstall - seriously I love Xmas albums - why not recommend me your favourite?!
You have a favourite, right?! ;)

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