Thursday, December 30, 2010

Festive Working

I don't mind working over Xmas... I have only actually had to work Xmas Day itself the one time, for in their call centre back in 1999 i guess, I dressed up as an angel including wings & wig and went my local pub first... Clearly back in 99 I had to express my creativity creatively!

Now that I work in the wonderful world of broadcasting working when other people are off is par for the course, bank holidays and the like doesn't mean the radio switches off, in fact people who never listened before might be tuned in while in the shed/ kitchen/ car etc so it's quite an opportunity... it's also a time when the usual lineup may change so you'll hear someone new on the airwaves while the regular talent takes a break...

As I started a new job back in October I thought best volunteer for the rubbish shifts, show willing ;) But oh man the earlies between Xmas and New Year? gah!

Since leaving the Smooth breakfast show I haven't had to wake up before 5am and frankly I haven't missed it one bit! haha I maintain it's plain unnatural! haha but working from 6 in Shropshire means leaving the house in Brum just before 5 which has meant an alarm at 4 for the back end of this week... This is my last one today tho and I'm back to usual shift from the 2nd, with a bank holiday off thrown in!

I suppose the only thing about having Xmas off is that chances are someone near and dear will also have time off and not since the summer school holidays have we had such synchronized time off, so I am considering having Xmas off next year, I had last year off, perhaps that's the way to go, one year on, one year off... I'm thinking California next Xmas, somewhere warm*

*I'm sure this is directly related to my heating being off for the Xmas duration this year :(( it's back working again tho now :))

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