Sunday, December 26, 2010

Xmas Blog 2

Boxing Day.

I woke up in my freezing cold home (heating out until Weds I believe) and did a little abs work out on my bedroom floor... this was a win win situ as not only did it help to work away some of the xmas naughtiness I been shoveling down my neck, but also increased blood flow and body temperature!

It definitely feels colder today, I guess the longer it goes since the heating was on last (Thursday night) the colder the walls get.. and the news on tv/ radio and all across the papers explaining this is the coldest christmas in 100 years does nothing to warm my cockles! Lol

So thermals on, snow boots donned, we hit B&Q to look for a portable radiator to help warm the house until Wednesday... And oooh the shops were so warm! And ahhh the car was so warm! And brrrr back in the house it's soooo cold!

But not too cold to blog dear! Lol

so on Xmas Eve* we started to listen to Marley's Not Dead on Radio4 because Richard Madeley had recommended it on Twitter (@richardm56), he had a bit part in it which was really very funny, and loads of other starlets were in it too.. it was really funny, so we just dropped into the iplayer this afternoon and listened to it in full - you can find it here

Then i tuned in to the Adam & Joe Xmas Special broadcast Xmas morning but faaar to early for me on a day off work (10am), and in fact I am one hour into 3 of this show and oh how lovely it is to have our old friends back on the radio... i explained to my dad the joy of being in BlackSquadron - or not depending on the weekend - of knowing what it was to shout Stephen randomly in a crowd - of singing along to the jingles and laughing out loud on the treadmill at the gym when listening to the podcast - they truly are the best i've ever heard on the radio ! they rock and amaze. and now they only do occasional specials because they've got bored of it! how painful and yet so awesome that they would acknowledge it before driving a much loved show into the ground! more kudos earned! (sigh)

food wise you'll be pleased to hear I've eaten lots of the good stuff again today.. mince pies, stollen, German cinnamon biscuits**, ginger choc biscuits and soon trifle! OMG***

But remember those sit ups earlier people! I earned my Xmas treats today! Plus extra cals for the cold surroundings right?! haha

*me and my dad, our Xmas guest hadn't arrived yet
**my FAVOURITE xmas treat, thankfully found in the local deli after the Lidl let me down!
***the 30 days sugar detoc starts Jan 1st people! Lol

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