Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Xmas telly

I don't really watch a lot of telly, I get into a few series and watch those... Since we gave up the PLUS box 6 mnths ago our tv consumption has relaxed and reduced dramatically... altho we just ordered a new one so perhaps it will go thru the roof again next week! lol

The only thing I've watched that's really stood out was When Harey Met Bob and the Live Aid doc that followed, it was a good yarn.. not sure about the casting tho, and Hart's padded suit loooked a bit daft..

One thing that you have to try and see if you haven't already is a comedy series called Modern Family... it describes itself as being a mockumentary about a dysfunctional family but seriously, is there any other kind? isn't a family by nature dysfunctional? haha but anyway this show is really laugh out loud funny, which is quite a rare pleasure... see it, do it!

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