Wednesday, February 28, 2007


In a week where I've felt quite gloomy (thanks Stockport weather) it made me smile today when a flip thing i did earlier in the week turned up again in the office banter.

We have a part time temp receptionist called Dean at the moment and i had a deadline on Monday so i called him up to ask him to hold my calls until lunchtime. While making the call it occurred to me it was a very 'boss' thing to do so i asked him his surname before i made my request just so that i could say 'Mills, hold my calls' in a silly 'boss' voice.

so far, so irrelevant right?

well my colleagues didn't think so. in fact they thought it so funny that all requests for Dean on reception now start 'Mills...'

and i overheard one today and it made me smile.

even though i feel fat and irrelevant today, Mills and his new nickname made me smile.

life's a funny ol' game eh?!

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