Sunday, April 01, 2007

blue hotel

Chris Isaak is on tour!
how exciting!
he is playing the 'dam on the 10th (yes you kc) and then hitting Manchester on the 13th - i'm going for a full on nostalgia fest with a girlfriend who admitted to loving Michael Bolton recently so its a proper guilty-pleasures kinda thing!
all of us have skeletons in our record collection that only a 15 year old girl can explain! haha
it's difficult to describe the fun to be had from a sentimental journey and on Friday 13th April i will be in 1991 all over again! haha
he doesn't seem to be doing any publicity for the tour which is strange, even i found out about it thru my dad! and i'm a fan! haha well, i used to be...
i'll never forget bagging the giant Isaak head from the window of Our Price in Liverpool* and taking it to be signed at the Royal Court stage door... they didn't let me in they just took the head in to be signed for me... then i had to take it home on the bus! haha me and isaak taking up a double seat! haha
he did a tv show in the US for the Showtime channel but they never showed it here - well not on any channel i could get or at a time i could watch - it was a weird monkees-style thing where he played himself but got into lots of japes and sang songs as a kind of narrative... sounds kooky and i saw one episode that was just that! i think him and his band got stuck down a bunker and had to wait til someone rescued them! mental!
i had loads of Isaak MTV interviews on tape when i was younger and he was really funny, i wonder where those tapes are now.... ah nostolgia fest! hehe
*these were hard to secure you had to get your name down first and hope no-one at the store wanted it!

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