Wednesday, April 11, 2007

the rain in spain

see them clouds?! they tried to ruin my long weekend in Alicante! how rude!

Spain of course, famous for their total hours of sunshine, has had really bad spell of wet weather of late and while me and my pal Vicky were there it was changeable to say the least...

but being English n all it was gonna take a little bit more than a bit of rain to stop us having a good time! haha

we did suffer a bit regards the religious holiday but as a payoff we got to see some crazy ass processions! with the lord in various state of crucifix positions, you know, before, during and after! the most disturbing thing about this was that the procession featured lots of people dressed up in seriously dark outfits reminiscent of the K K K - so i'm guessing they must have originated in Spain cos they looked quite retro, but still - well scary given modern day connotations! they even had fireworks! they really love religion in Spain!

on the way over we sat next to an old dude called Ian who was a regular Spanish visitor. he told us the most important thing we needed to know. how to order to draught beers in Spanish. Dos Kanye. well i'm guessing that's how it's spelled, i just kept thinking of the singer Kanye West in order to remember it! haha

we found a great american/german bar and grill called Tribeca - they had the best artwork ever all over the walls and ceiling, real tattoo parlour stuff, loads of character, we found a really cool cafe bar called Cafe Albans which served loads of fruit teas so we hung out there a lot, and we had a great chinese on Friday night during a thunder storm, my friend said the fresh Seabass was well tasty, but they had rather disturbingly given it cherries for eyes and it kept looking at me... we stayed at Melia Alicante on the marina which was a short walk to everywhere, altogether apart from a bit of a cloudy spell it was all pretty top banana!

so if anyone ever asks you about Alicante now you can tell them i said it's great!

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